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Invisalign is here!

Our Invisalign Platinum Elite experience is one of the most trusted in the industry.

Dr Nick Kotsomitis has been creating Invisalign smiles for almost 20 years and is one of Brisbane’s most experienced & trusted Orthodontists. If you are looking for a beautiful smile, our Invisalign clear aligners provide a discreet way to achieve your teeth straightening goals.

Invisalign is a registered medical device made of BPA free plastic. If your Orthodontist recommends Invisalign treatment, a prescription is created from your Orthodontist’s treatment plan. Always follow your Orthodontist’s instructions for wear.

brisbane orthodontist invisalign clear aligners
Platinum Elite Invisalign Provider

NK Orthodontist for your Invisalign treatments in the Brisbane area

As a Platinum Elite Invisalign member, Dr Nick is one of Brisbane’s most experienced & trusted Invisalign Orthodontists

You can save visits to our clinic with our at home smartphone app called ‘Dental Monitoring’

Dr Nick is an orthodontic industry expert, who has been in specialty orthodontic practice for over 25 years

Your Invisalign Journey with Brisbane Orthodontist, Dr Nick

1. Book a

We offer both in-clinic & virtual appointments. Your first consult with Dr Nick includes digital scans, photographic records and orthodontic x-rays – all on-site.

2. Your

We use incredible 3D technology, so you can see your new smile in minutes. You will meet Dr Nick who will discuss your treatment plan with you and take you through our 0% interest payment plan options.

3. Starting
Your Treatment

Dr Nick will arrange to see you in person so that we can show you how to use your aligners, as well as answer any questions you may have about your treatment.


Don’t just take our word for it – see our before & after orthodontic transformations.

Let's start your journey to straight teeth

Invisalign attachments Brisbane

Invisalign is leading the way in delivering incredible smiles

SmartForce attachments – small, discreet, precise.

Here’s some Invisalign technology you might not know about! Invisalign SmartForce attachments are the secret to precise tooth movement. Made of tooth coloured material, attachments give your aligners a ‘handle’ to hold. This handle facilitates the aligners ability to more precisely move your teeth to their perfect position. The size, shape and number of attachments are individually designed just for you.

Dr Nick only uses the highest quality, proven techniques. We won’t compromise on your smile and neither should you.

The benefits of Remote Monitoring

You’ll get access to Dr Nick’s expertise right from the palm of your hand with our Dental Monitoring App. By snapping a few selfies each week, Dr Nick can keep track of your Invisalign treatment efficiently and accurately.

Remote monitoring is perfect for patients who travel frequently or find it difficult to get to appointments. While at some orthodontic practices in-person appointments are replaced with remote monitoring, at NK Orthodontist we offer this option in addition to personalised care from our orthodontist. Dr Nick will be able to advise if using this cutting-edge technology will benefit your individual circumstances.

Assured security

Keeping your personal information is a priority which is why we store all your data securely.

Less Visits

By monitoring your progress remotely we can continually track your progress, reducing the number of visits you need to the clinic. If you need to come in for an appointment, we’ll let you know.

See Your Progress

A special time lapse feature enables you to see the progress you are making towards your new smile.

Invisalign-remote dental monitoring
brisbane orthodontist adult clear invisalign aligners

Age is just a number when it comes to Invisalign

Everyone deserves an Invisalign smile.

Theres no age limit for orthodontics. With discreet treatment like Invisalign, its never too late to achieve your dream of having a straight smile.

Invisalign aligners designed for your child

brisbane orthodontist invisalign first for kids

Invisalign First for kids

Make room for the future adult teeth by widening the jaws

Protect any bucky teeth from trauma by covering them and pulling them back

Align teeth helping your child love their smile

brisbane orthodontist invisalign stickables

Invisalign Stickables

Clear aligners now packed with colour!

Our Invisalign Stickables help your child stay motivated during the Invisalign treatment. Let them express their personality with a choice of Invisalign emoji stickables

brisbane orthodontist invisalign aligners

Invisalign F.A.Q.

Each Invisalign aligner has a pre-programmed amount of tooth movement built-in. So when you place the aligner onto your teeth it gently applies the pressure to move your teeth into the shape of the Invisalign aligner. Once your teeth fit snuggly into that aligner, it’s time to move to the next aligner. Each aligner is normally worn for around 1 to 2 weeks.

To keep your Invisalign tooth movement progressing as fast as possible we recommend wearing your aligners for 22 hours a day, only taking them out to eat and drink (though you can drink water with the aligner in). If you have a special event and have not worn your aligner as much as you should have then you may need to wear that set a little longer than a week so you can make up for the lost time.

Cleaning your Invisalign aligners with your toothbrush and toothpaste is normally all that’s required.

At NK Orthodontist our Invisalign patients change their aligners between 1 to 2 weeks. We also recommend changing your clear aligners in the morning. After you’ve inserted the new Invisalign trays, bite down on your Invisalign chewies/bite sticks for a couple of minutes to ensure a great fit. We also recommend massaging the trays over the top of your attachments daily to facilitate engagement.

Yes! Invisalign treatment gives excellent flexibility when it comes to having dental work during Invisalign treatment (such as fillings, crowns and implants). Preferably it is best to have such work completed before your Invisalign treatment starts, but life its not always predictable!