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Set your child up for their best future smile

As recommended by The Australian Society of Orthodontists, Dr Nick is happy to assess the development of your child’s teeth and jaws from the age of 7. This early assessment can help him take steps to prevent more serious problems and complications from occurring at a later date.

Why have orthodontic treatment at a young age?

Early orthodontics concentrates on your child’s jaws because they are the platform which houses future adult teeth. Their jaws also play a big role in defining the facial aesthetics for your child and making room for the bigger adult teeth.

Orthodontic treatment for your child when they are under 10 can help ensure:

  • There is enough room for adult teeth
  • The upper and lower jaws are in good balance with one another
  • The treatment time for future orthodontic treatment (adult teeth straightening) is reduced
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Orthodontic symptoms to keep an eye on in your child

When kids are growing there is a unique opportunity to intervene to make sure your child gets everything they need for a future beautiful smile. Here are some signs to look for which might indicate your young child’s need for orthodontics.

  • Dark gaps/tunnels on the sides of your child’s mouth when they smile
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Bucky teeth (protruding teeth)
  • Teeth that are high up in the gums (fangs)
  • Crowded baby teeth
  • Finger sucking
  • Lisp when speaking
  • Mouth breathing

Common Orthodontic Problems

anterior cross bite

Anterior Cross Bite





posterior cross bite

Posterior Cross Bite

thumbsucking dental effects

Thumbsucking Dental Effects



What to expect at your child's Orthodontic assessment

Some children may be nervous about visiting the orthodontist for the first time. There’s nothing to worry about – our friendly team will have them feeling at ease in no time.

1. Get to
know you

We get to know you and your child. Dr Nick will ask you some questions about your concerns and take a brief dental history.

2. Your

Dr Nick will examine your child’s teeth, mouth, jaws, and breathing – identifying any orthodontic problems that need addressing now or in the future.

3. Starting
Your Treatment

If orthodontic treatment is recommended we will take some orthodontic records (photos and xrays) and explain what to expect during treatment.

4. Monitoring

Often, treatment is not required prior to 10 years of age. If this is the case, Dr Nick will monitor your child at 6 or 12 month intervals to ensure treatment can start at the best time.