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An independent study published in the World Journal of Orthodontics found that patients treated with SureSmile experienced overall reduced treatment time and a better quality outcome than those treated conventionally.

The precision that is the basis of SureSmile technology creates a higher quality result. For you, that means a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth—both in less time than conventional braces. SureSmile has been shown to reduce treatment times by 30% or more, saving you an average of 8 months in treatment and fewer trips to the orthodontist.

Unlike Traditional orthodontic treatment, which relies on plaster models and 2 dimensional X-rays, SureSmile provides us with a detailed 3-d computer model of your teeth to plan your individual tooth movements throughout the treatment process. This is made possible by our in house digital scanner which functions much like a 3-D digital camera, taking pictures of your teeth.

Also instead of your orthodontist bending an arch wire by hand using trial and error, as in conventional treatment, SureSmile technology uses robotic hands to precisely bend your arch wires to the unique prescription that Dr NICK prescribes. The arch wires are composed of shape memory alloys that deliver precise, constant, relatively gentle force, to move your teeth.

Using SureSmile Treatment Planning Software, Dr NICK can evaluate treatment options, visualise the desired end result and map the path of tooth movement. The software also allows us to digitally evaluate progress during treatment.

Dr NICK will have even greater control of treatment, thanks to 3-D tools and the accuracy they bring to treatment planning.

SureSmile is truly cutting edge, and start of the art treatment.

Dr NICK is one of very few SureSmile accredited orthodontists in Australia that has this technology available to his patients.

SureSmile is available with clear braces, metal braces and lingual (hidden behind the teeth).

What is SureSmile?

SureSmile on the show ‘The Doctors’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SureSmile?
SureSmile is a sophisticated treatment planning tool allowing Dr NICK to create a virtual patient record using traditional 2D technologies (photographs and radiographs) and new 3D technologies (scanners and cone beam images).
How does SureSmile work?
SureSmile allows Dr NICK to design your smile more precisely than ever before. Robotically bent arch wires, as prescribed by Dr NICK using the virtual patient record results in higher quality outcomes, less treatment time in braces and fewer visits.
Is SureSmile treatment really less painful than traditional braces?
As a result of fewer wire adjustments, SureSmile patients have reported experiencing less pain than those with conventional treatments.
What is the average treatment time reduction with the SureSmile system?
Clinical studies show that treatment undertaken with the SureSmile system provides a 30% reduction in treatment time.
How often will I need to see Dr Nick?
Only every 6-8 weeks depending on your stage of treatment.

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